Payment Agent Services:

Convenient, simple and efficient. Stonebridge offers centralized payment agent services, collecting Client debt repayments, in trust, and arranging for immediate delivery of the proportionate share to the respective institutional investors.

The benefits include:

• A centralized repayment process, avoiding the need for multiple Client payments to institutional investors on syndicated transactions

• Convenient repayment options including, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), wire transfers and cheque

• Competitive fees

Security Agent Services:

Stonebridge provides a centralized location for secured storage and monitoring of project security documentation.

Our specially designed monitoring service allows us to maintain in force and attend to maturities, renewals and re-registration of project insurance coverage, negotiable instruments (ie. Letters of Credit) and other security. This means our Clients benefit from a Convenient and trusted source for securing and managing security documentation.

Escrow Services:

Trusted and secure, Stonebridge offers a cost effective alternative to conventional Escrow Services. Like traditional Escrow Services, we are governed by agreement to hold assets at the request of two or more parties until certain events have taken place.

The Stonebridge difference is the flexibility to quickly process escrow funding transactions and in our ability to provide this service at a reasonable cost to our Clients.

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