Simplify, streamline, and centralize are key outcomes of our portfolio administrative services, providing our Clients with on-going financial reporting, covenant compliance and project administrative functions.

We serve as a singular source for Client project communication with their institutional investors that includes:

  • delivery of on-going financial reporting and insurance coverage information in compliance with the security documentation
  • coordinating with the institutional investors any Client requests or amendments to the security documentation
  • conducting and delivering to the institutional investors on-going credit reviews with recommendations
  • generally administering the interests of the institutional investors in respect to our Client’s debt, including monitoring and maintaining in force insurance, and attending to the renewal, re-registration or taking of additional security

For our Clients, the advantages of our Portfolio Administrative Services include:

  • A centralized source for managing communications with the Lenders
  • A convenient and efficient payment delivery method
  • A working knowledge and understanding of the Lenders credit processes

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