Stonebridge is pleased to announce the incorporation of an affiliated company, Stonebridge Lease Financing Corporation

Stonebridge Financial Corporation (“Stonebridge”) is pleased to announce that it has transitioned its lease securitization operations into a newly incorporated affiliated company, Stonebridge Lease Financing Corporation (“SLFC”) located in Oakville, Ontario.

While Stonebridge Financial Corporation will continue to provide highly specialized financial solutions in Project Finance, Structured Finance and Financial Agency services,  Stonebridge Lease Financing Corporation will focus on providing a private securitization solution for the funding and administering of asset-backed lease portfolios.

“Over the years Stonebridge has evolved into 2 distinct business segments and we recognized that creating two separate and strategically focused companies would allow each business to maximize its growth and success.” said Robert Colliver, Partner & Co-CEO of Stonebridge.

“While we’ll continue to share and benefit from an integrated operational relationship with Stonebridge, this opportunity allows SLFC to pursue a tailored strategic plan that will position us to succeed while continuing to deliver exceptional service to our clients” stated John Estey, President of Stonebridge Lease Financing Corporation.

For our clients and institutional investors, the transitioning of the lease financing operations will be virtually seamless. Both Stonebridge and SLFC are committed to our shared core value of delivering high quality service to our clients and institutional investors – service that will continue to be  provided by the same trusted team of financial professionals they have come to know.